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Pied Piper Publishing (Robert Kuntz)

Pied Piper Publishing (Robert Kuntz)

Rob Kuntz is a longstanding force in the gaming world, contributing to countless games and articles. He has helped create games for generations of players. War games, roleplaying games, strategy games, and board games, Rob has done it all, and with the care and intensity that only a true fan of the historical, sci-fi, fantasy game genre could uphold.

If Gary Gygax is the father of D&D, Rob is truly the eldest son of D&D. Living only a few blocks away from Gary, Rob and he met in 1968, beginning a friendship that would make them allies and opponents at the gaming table for many years to come. The original playtester for Chainmail (1971) and Dungeons and Dragons (1972), Rob helped to shape both games by his clever and excellent play. Taking on the role of DM, Rob co-DM'd the famous Greyhawk campaign with Gary Gygax for many years, established Kalibruhn - the third D&D campaign setting - and created dozens of scenarios to challenge the likes of Mordenkainen, Bigby, and Yrag, played by Gary Gygax, and Tenser, played by Ernie Gygax. These adventures later became the classic modules

Rob has written numerous articles for The Strategic Review, Dragon Magazine, Dungeon Magazine,Wargaming, and Crusader Magazine. For Dragon Magazine he created the Sorcerer's Scroll column, maintained the Greyhawk's World column with Gary Gygax, designed King of the Table Top and Magus board games as special inserts, and, contributed to the Up on a Soapbox column, which details episodes from the original Greyhawk and Kalibruhn campaigns. Rob has also designed several board games, including Kings & Things for West End Games (which won the Charles Roberts Award for Best Fantasy/Science Fiction Game of 1986).

Noble Knight Games is the exclusive distributor for Pied Piper Publishing.

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