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Crocodile Games

Crocodile Games

Crocodile Games is an association of creative individuals, dedicated to promoting excellence in the miniature gaming hobby. To this end, we are developing our own fantasy world, based on classic themes of mythology and ancient cultures. This world is known as the "Antediluvian Age", and it is the setting for our War Gods... series of games. War Gods of Ægyptus was the first game in the series, and was released in 2001, to critical acclaim. The next game in the series is War Gods of Olympus, a mythological battle game based on the heroic age of Greek mythology. War Gods is the game that we always wanted play, and it is our pleasure to share our creation with the rest of the world.

»  Pathfinder Miniatures (Crocodile Games)
»  Special Edition Miniatures (28mm) (Crocodile Games)
»  War Gods of Aegyptus - Anubi
»  War Gods of Aegyptus - Asar
»  War Gods of Aegyptus - Basti
»  War Gods of Aegyptus - Basti - Loose Miniatures (28mm)
»  War Gods of Aegyptus - Heru
»  War Gods of Aegyptus - Heru - Loose Miniatures
»  War Gods of Aegyptus - Khemru
»  War Gods of Aegyptus - Loose Miniatures
»  War Gods of Aegyptus - Nekharu
»  War Gods of Aegyptus - Sebeki
»  War Gods of Aegyptus - Tethru
»  War Gods of Aegyptus - To-Tanem
»  War Gods of Aegyptus - To-Tanem - Loose Miniatures (25mm/28mm)
»  War Gods of Aegyptus - Typhon
»  War Gods of Aegyptus - Undead
»  War Gods of Aegyptus - Undead - Loose Miniatures (28mm)
»  War Gods of Aegyptus - Weapon Packs
»  War Gods of Hyberborea
»  War Gods of Olympus - Core & Assorted
»  War Gods of Olympus - Demigods
»  War Gods of Olympus - Myceneans
»  War Gods of Olympus - Spartans
»  War Gods of Olympus - Titans