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Book - Fiction - Fantasy - Click on manufacturer or product line to view available titles.

»  5th Epoch Publishing

»  ACE Books

        Conan Novels (Ace Books)
        ElfQuest (ACE Books)
        Fantasy Novels (ACE Books)
        Thieves' World (Ace Books)
        Warlock Series, The

»  AEG

        Warlord Novels (AEG)

»  Aladdin Paperbacks

        Novels (Aladdin Paperbacks)

»  Alfred A. Knopf

        Novels (Alfred A. Knopf)

»  Angry Robot Books

        Novels (Angry Robot Books)

»  Archaia Studios Press

        Mouse Guard RPG

»  Arthur A. Levine Books

        Harry Potter Series

»  Atherton Haight

        Chooseomatic Books

»  Atlas Games

»  Atria Books

        Novels (Atria Books)

»  Avon Books

        Fantasy Novels (Avon Books)
        Novels (Avon Books)
        Wizards, Warriors & You
        Xanth Novels (Avon Books)

»  Baen Books

        Fantasy Novels (Baen Books)
        Honor Harrington Novels

»  Ballantine Books

        Non-Fiction (Ballantine)
        Tarzan Novels

»  Bantam Books

        Conan Novels (Bantam Books)
        Dune Novels
        Novels (Bantam Books)
        Song of Ice and Fire, A

»  Barnes & Noble Books

»  Bastion Press

        Oathbound (d20)

»  Bear & Company

        Novels (Bear & Company)

»  Belmont Books

        Novels (Belmont Books)

»  Berkley Books

        Combat Adventure Game Books
        Hercules & Xena Novels
        Lone Wolf Adventure Books
        Marvel Comics Novels
        Middle-Earth Quest Books
        Novels (Berkley Books)
        Tolkien Quest

»  Bison Books

        Novels (Bison Books)

»  Black Industries

»  Black Library

        Necromunda Novels
        Novels (Ed Greenwood)
        Warhammer Warriors

»  Blizzard Entertainment

»  Bloomsbury

        Harry Potter Books

»  Blue Jay Books

»  Boxtree Limited

»  Broadway Books

        Novels (Broadway)

»  BRW Games

        Adventures Dark and Deep

»  CDS Books

        Everquest Novels

»  Chaos Society, The

»  Chaosium

        Runequest (Chaosium)

»  Collier Books

        Novels (Collier Books)

»  Columbia Games

        Harn - Core & Assorted

»  Commonwealth Publications

»  Corgi Books

        Novels (Corgi Books)

»  Crown Publishers

        Novels (Crown Publishers)

»  Dabel Brothers Productions

        George R.R. Martin Novels

»  DAW

        Fantasy Novels (DAW)

»  Del Rey Books

        Deryni Novels (Del Rey)
        J.R.R. Tolkien Books
        Oz Novels
        Shannara Novels (Del Rey)
        Star Wars Novels (Del Rey)

»  Delacorte Press

        Novels (Delacorte Press)

»  Dell Publishing

        Novels (Dell Publishing)

»  Devil's Due Publishing

»  Dorchester Publishing

»  Doubleday & Company

        Fantasy Novels (Doubleday)
        Horror Novels (Doubleday)

»  Dover Publications

»  Dragon Roots Magazine

        Missing Pieces

»  Dutton Publishing

        Novels (Dutton Publishing)

»  Eidolon Studios

»  Eldritch Enterprises

»  EOS

        Novels (EOS)

»  Evil Hat Productions

        Spirit of the Century

»  Fantasy Flight Games

        Fireborn Novels


        Earthdawn Novels (FASA)
        Shadowrun Novels (FASA)

»  Fawcett Crest

        Novels (Fawcett Crest)

»  Final Sword Productions

»  Flying Buffalo

»  Fontana Books

        Solo Fantasy Gamebooks

»  Fotonovel Publications

        Lord of the Rings, The

»  Galileo Games

        Lost, The

»  Games Workshop

        Black Flame Publications
        Necromunda Novels

»  Gary Gygax and New Infinities

        Gord the Rogue Novels

»  GDW

        Dangerous Journeys Novels

»  Gollancz

        Fantasy Masterworks - Conan
        George R.R. Martin Books

»  Gothic Image Publications

        Novels (Gothic Image)

»  Green Knight Publishing

»  Guild of America Book Club

»  Harcourt Books

        Novels (Harcourt Books)

»  Harlequin Books

        Novels (Harlequin Books)

»  Harmony Books

        Novels (Harmony Books)

»  Harper Prism

        Novels (Harper Prism)
        TV Tie-In Novels

»  HarperCollins

        Discworld Novels
        Novels (HarperCollins)
        Sovereign Stone Trilogy

»  Headline Book Publishing

»  Hekaforge Productions

»  Houghton Mifflin

        Novels (Houghton Mifflin)

»  Hyperion

        Novels (Hyperion)

»  I.C.E. (Iron Crown Enterprises)

        Shadow World (I.C.E.)

»  Ibooks

»  IDW Publishing

        Novels (IDW Publishing)

»  Infinity Publishing

»  Inner City Games Designs

»  Issaries

        Hero Wars (Glorantha)

»  John Lane

        Novels (John Lane)

»  Jove Books

        Horror Novels (Jove Books)
        Mystery Novels (Jove Books)

»  Kenneth Lukaszewski

        The Land

»  Kensington Publishing

»  Kevin Allen, Jr. Design

        Sweet Agatha

»  Knight Books

        Novels (Knight Books)

»  Lancer Books

        Conan Novels (Lancer Books)

»  Larry Elmore

»  Legend

        Novels (Legend)

»  Listening Library

        Audio Books

»  Little, Brown & Company

»  Llewellyn Worldwide

»  Lucas Books

»  Magnet Books

        Doublegame Books

»  Magnum Opus Press

        Game Night

»  Malhavoc Press

        Arcana Unearthed Novels

»  Mayfair Games

        Roleaids - Demons

»  McElderry Books

»  Meisha Merlin Publishing

»  Mentor

        Novels (Mentor)

»  Mira Books

        Novels (Mira Books)

»  Miramax Books

        Novels (Miramax Books)

»  Mongoose Publishing

        Conan (d20)
        Lone Wolf Novels

»  Monica Gruler

»  Mystic Eye Games

»  Nelson Doubleday

        Best of Fritz Leiber, the
        Novels (Nelson Doubleday)

»  Northwest Publishing

»  Open World Press

»  Orbit Books

        Wheel of Time

»  Osprey

        Dark Osprey
        Myths and Legends

»  Outlaw Miniatures

        Wild West Exodus - Novels

»  Outlaw Press

»  Overlook Press, The

        Novels (Overlook Press)

»  Paizo Publishing

        Pathfinder Tales
        Planet Stories

»  Pan Books

        Novels (Pan Books)

»  Pariah Press

        Novels (Pariah Press)

»  Penguin Publishing

        Novels (Penguin Publishing)

»  Per Aspera Press

»  Peryton Publishing

        Troll Tunnels

»  Pied Piper Publishing (Robert Kuntz)

»  Pinnacle Books

        Novels (Pinnacle Books)

»  Playboy

        Fantasy Novels (Playboy)

»  Plume Publication

        Novels (Plume Publication)

»  Pocket Books

        Novels (Pocket Books)

»  Pocket Star Books

        Novels (Pocket Star)

»  Popular Library

»  Prestige Books

»  Prometheus Books

        Novels (Prometheus Books)

»  Puffin Books

        Fighting Fantasy Game Books

»  Quiet Vision Publishing

        Edgar Rice Burroughs Novels

»  R. Talsorian

        Castle Falkenstein

»  Random House

        Novels (Random House)

»  Reaching Moon Megacorp Publications

»  Reaper Miniatures

        Warlord Novels

»  ROC

        Bored of the Rings
        Fantasy Novels (ROC)
        Vampire Earth Novels

»  Royal Fireworks Press

        Runes & Riddles

»  Sabertooth Games

»  Sanguine Productions

        Ironclaw Novels

»  Scholastic

        Harry Potter Novels
        Novels (Scholastic)

»  Science Fiction Book Club

        Dying Earth Novels

»  Scribner Publishing

»  Shambhala

        Shambhala Classics

»  Sidecar Preservation Society

        Gardens of Lucullus, The

»  Signal Fire Studios

»  Signet

        Fantasy Novels (Signet)
        Stephen King Novels

»  Simon & Schuster

»  Simon Pulse

»  Skirmisher Publishing

»  Small Beer Press

        Novels (Small Beer Press)

»  Solaris Books

»  Sovereign Press

»  Space and Time

        Maze of Peril, The

»  Spartans Unleashed

        Cursed Empire (2nd Edition)

»  Spectre Press

»  Sphere Books

        Conan Novels (Sphere Books)

»  St. Martin's Press

        Novels (St. Martin's Press)

»  Stanford University Press

»  Sterling Publishing

»  Stone Skin Press

        Novels (Stone Skin Press)

»  Tachyon Publications

        Fantasy Novels (Tachyon)

»  Thomas Nelson Publishers

»  Titan Books

        Supernatural Novels

»  Topics Entertainment

»  Tor Books

        Black Company Novels
        Conan Novels (Tor Books)
        Dune Novels (Tor Books)
        Fantasy Novels (Tor Books)
        Horror Novels (Tor Books)
        Reference Books (Tor Books)
        Saga of Recluce
        Witch World Novels
        Xanth Novels (Tor Books)

»  Troll Lord Games

»  TSR

        Birthright - Novels
        Dark Sun - Novels (TSR)
        Greyhawk - Novels (TSR)
        Mystara - Novels
        Planescape - Novels
        Ravenloft - Novels
        Spelljammer - Novels
        TSR Books (TSR)

»  Tyndale House Publishers

»  Underland Press

        Heraclix and Pomp

»  Unicorn Star Press

        Novels (Unicorn Star Press)

»  University of Nebraska Press

»  Vertical Inc.

        Novels (Vertical)

»  Vibe

        Fantasy Novels (Vibe)

»  Viking Press

»  Vintage Books

        Novels (Vintage Books)

»  Walker & Company

        Novels (Walker & Company)

»  Warner Books

        Aspect Fantasy Novels
        Elric Saga (Warner Books)
        Highlander Novels
        Novels (Warner Books)
        Origin of Dragonrealm
        Questar Fantasy Novels

»  Washington Square Press

        Novels (Washington Square)

»  White Silver Publishing

»  White Wolf

        Exalted - Novels

»  Wildside Press

»  William Morrow

        Novels (William Marrow)

»  Wizard Books

»  Wizards of the Coast

        Discoveries Novels
        Eberron (d20)
        Eberron Novels
        Greyhawk Novels (WOTC)
        Mirrorstone Spotlights
        Ravenloft Novels (WOTC)

»  WizKids

        Mage Knight - Novels

»  Zebra Books

        Novels (Zebra books)

»  Zenescope Entertainment

»  Zondervan

        Novels (Zondervan)

»  Zottola Publishing

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