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War Game - Modern (1960 A.D. to Present) - Click on manufacturer or product line to view available titles.

»  3W

        Historical Books (3W)
        War Games - Ziplock (3W)
        Wargamer Magazine - w/Games

»  Actiongable

        Coup d'etat

»  Ad Astra Games

        Birds of Prey

»  Ad Technos

        War Games (Ad Technos)

»  Adventure Games

        Harpoon (Adventure Games)

»  Against the Odds

»  Ajcraft

        First Strike

»  Ambush Alley Games

»  Ariel

        Board Games (Ariel)

»  Army National Guard

        Daring Eagle

»  Art of War Games

        Art of War

»  Attack International Wargaming Association

»  Australian Design Group

»  Avalanche Press

        Great War at Sea

»  Avalon Hill

        War Games (Battleline)

»  Battleline

        War Games (Battleline)

»  Bayonet Games

        War Games (Bayonet Games)

»  Blue Panther

»  Citadel Games

        Citadel's Game Series

»  Clash of Arms Games

»  Close Simulations

»  Compass Games

        War Games (Compass Games)

»  Conflict Games

        War Games (Conflict Games)

»  Cool Stuff Unlimited

»  Critical Hit

»  Crunchy Frog Enterprises

»  Dan Verssen Games

»  Decision Games

        Folio Game Series
        Mini Game Series
        Modern (Decision Games)
        Modern War Magazine w/Games

»  Edward M. Lightfoot & Associates

»  Enola Games

»  Fiery Dragon Productions

»  Fifth Column Games

»  Firefight Games

»  Gamers, The

        Standard Combat Series
        Tactical Combat Series

»  Gamescience (Lou Zocchi)

»  Gameshop

        War Games (Gameshop)

»  Gamesmiths

        Board Games (Gamesmiths)

»  GDW

        Assault (GDW)
        Command Decision (GDW)
        Harpoon (GDW)
        Third World War (GDW)
        War Games - Ziplocks (GDW)

»  GHQ

»  Global Games

»  GMT

        Card-Driven Games
        Coin Series
        Crisis Series
        Gameplayers Series
        Leader Series
        Next War Series

»  Grognard Simulations

        Armored Knights Series

»  Guild of Blades Publishing

»  Hahn


»  Harper & Row

        Pentagon Games

»  Helen of Toy

        Task Force

»  High Flying Dice Games

»  Histoire & Collections

»  Inner City Games Designs

        Fuzzy Heroes

»  International Team

»  Jagdpanther Publications

        Jagdpanther Magazine

»  Jim Bumpas Games

»  Khyber Pass Games

»  Kokusai-Tsushin

»  Kolony Industries


»  Lawrence H. Harris

»  Legion Wargames

        Wargames (Legion Wargames)

»  Lock 'n Load Publishing

        Corps Command
        Line of Fire Magazine
        Lock 'n Load
        World at War

»  Ludopress

»  Magic & Tactics Unlimited

»  Maplay Games


»  Mars Games

        Eagles & Missiles

»  Mayfair Games

        War Games (Mayfair Games)

»  McArthur Games


»  Metagaming

        MicroHistory (Metagaming)

»  Microgame Design Group

»  Mike Hayes

        Classic Warlord

»  Millennium Games

        Air Attack!

»  Milton Bradley

        GameMaster Series

»  MindSim

        War Games 2000 CD-ROM

»  Modern Conflict Studies Group

»  Mongoose Publishing

        Victory at Sea

»  Multi-Man Publishing

        International Games Series

»  Noble Knight Games - Gift Certificates & Specials

»  Nuts! Publishing

        Wargames (Nuts! Publishing)

»  Omega Games

        War Games (Omega Games)

»  One Small Step

        Card Games (One Small Step)
        Millennium Wars
        War Games (One Small Step)

»  Operational Studies Group (OSG)

»  Optimus Design Systems (ODS)

»  Osprey

        Force on Force (Osprey)

»  Pacific Rim Publications (Just Plain Wargames)

»  Palladium

»  Palmer Products

        Military Geography

»  Pastiche Print

        War Games (Pastiche Print)

»  Patriot Games

        Galactic Attack

»  Perry Moore Games

        War Games (Perry Moore)

»  Quantum Printing (Arty Conliffe)

»  Quarterdeck Games

        War Games (Quarterdeck)

»  Ragnar Brothers

»  Rand Game Associates

        Command Series War Games

»  Relative Range

        Cold War Naval Battles

»  Research Games

»  Rising Sun Simulations (RSS)

»  RMP Services


»  Robert Mansfield

        Solitaire War Games

»  Schutze Games

»  Simulations Canada

»  Simulations Design Corporation (SDC)

        Conflict Magazine

»  Simulations Workshop

»  SkirmishCampaigns

        Check Your 6!

»  Smethport

        Hip Hugger Games

»  SPI

        Strategy & Tactics - Lots

»  SS Games

        War Games (SS Games)


»  Steve Jackson Games

»  Strategic Games Publications

»  Strategy Gaming Society

        Strategist Magazine

»  Sunset Games

        War Games (Sunset Games)

»  Supremacy Games


»  Swedish Game Production

»  Tabletop Games (Heritage)

»  Taktyka I Strategia

»  Task Force Games

»  TCS Games

        DTP War Games (TCS Games)

»  Thunderhaven Game Company

»  TSR

        Miniature Rules (TSR)
        War Games (TSR)

»  Tsukuda Hobby

        War Games (Tsukuda Hobby)

»  Victory Games

»  Victory Point Games

»  Viking Funeral Productions

»  Wargames Research Group

»  Watkins


»  West End Games

»  Westinghouse

        War Games (Westinghouse)

»  Worthington Games

»  WW Norton

»  XTR

        Command Magazine
        Ziplock Games (XTR)

»  Yaquinto

        War Games (Yaquinto)

»  Zeno Games

        Board Games (Zeno Games)

»  Ziggurat Games

»  Zomax


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