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Miniatures - Horror - Click on manufacturer or product line to view available titles.

»  Alien Dungeon

»  Alternative Armies

»  Battle Bunker Games

        Please Stand By

»  Biohazard Miniatures

»  Black Orc Games

        Hundred Kingdoms

»  Black Scorpion Miniatures

»  Blackball Games

»  Blue Moon Manufacturing

»  Cabil, The

»  Chaosium

»  Cipher Studios

»  Cold War Miniatures

        Dead Will Walk, The

»  Comfy Chair Games


»  CoolMiniOrNot (CMON)

        Zombicide - Black Plague

»  Dark Age Games

        Dark Age - Skarrd

»  Excalibur Miniatures

»  Fantasy Flight Games

        Arkham Horror

»  Flying Frog Productions

        Last Night on Earth

»  Forged in Battle

»  Foundry, The

»  Great White Games

        Deadlands Miniatures
        Rippers - The Horror Wars
        Weird Wars (d20)

»  Greenbrier Games


»  Grenadier

        Chill Miniatures
        Fantasy Lords - Humans
        Fantasy Lords - Undead

»  Griffin Miniatures

        Harbinger Magazine

»  Hasslefree Miniatures

        Demonettes & Fairies
        Humans - Martial Artists
        Non-Combatants & Civilians

»  HawgLeg Publishing

»  Impact Miniatures

»  Iron Wind Metals

        Street Fight Gothic

»  Jun Planning

»  Kingdom Death

        Kingdom Death

»  Knight Models

»  Leading Edge Games

        Aliens Miniatures (25mm)
        Army of Darkness
        Bram Stoker's Dracula

»  Mantic Entertainment

        Walking Dead - All Out War

»  Mayfair Games

        Chill Miniatures

»  Mega Miniatures

        All Things Zombie

»  Micro Art Studio

        Discworld Miniatures (30mm)

»  Mindwork Games

        Freakshow (54mm)

»  Miscellaneous Miniatures

»  Modiphius Entertainment

»  Mongoose Publishing

        Flaming Cobra

»  Mutha Oith Creations

»  Neca

        Reel Toys (Movie Toys)

»  Nightshift Games

        Vampire Hunters Miniatures

»  Old Glory

        Road Kill (28mm)
        Samurai Wars (25mm)

»  Pinnacle

        Deadlands Miniatures
        Great Rail Wars, The
        Weird Wars (d20)


        Fantastique Noir - Vampyres

»  Ral Partha

»  Reaper Miniatures

        Chronoscope - Assorted
        Chronoscope - Horror
        Reich of the Dead

»  Rebel Minis

        Red Ops 5 (15mm)

»  Scibor Monstrous Miniatures

»  Secret Weapon Miniatures

»  SimTac Miniatures

        Nightlife Miniatures

»  Soda Pop Miniatures

        Dead Fellas

»  Steve Jackson Games

»  Studio Miniatures

        German WWII Zombies
        Z-Clipz - Human Survivors
        Z-Clipz - Monster Madness
        Z-Clipz - Zombies

»  Tor Gaming

»  Twilight Creations

»  Two Hour Wargames

»  Uber Goober Games

»  Uncle Mike's Worldwide

        Strange Aeons Miniatures

»  Wargames Factory

        Dark Future (28mm)

»  Warlord Games

»  West Wind Productions

        Gothic Horror - Yeti (28mm)
        Lucifer's War (25mm)

»  White Wolf

        Trinity - Battleground

»  Wyrd Miniatures

        Malifaux - Arcanists (32mm)
        Malifaux - Core & Assorted
        Malifaux - Gremlins (32mm)
        Malifaux - Guild (32mm)
        Malifaux - Neverborn (32mm)
        Malifaux - Outcasts (32mm)
        Through the Breach

»  Zombiesmith

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