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Miniatures - Historical - 25mm/28mm - Click on manufacturer or product line to view available titles.

»  19th Century Miniatures

»  4Ground Ltd.

»  Airfix

»  Battlefront Miniatures

»  Black Scorpion Miniatures

        Fantasy Football Miniatures
        Tombstone Miniatures

»  Crusader Miniatures

»  Eagle Games

        Board Games (Eagle Games)

»  Easy Eight Enterprises

»  Fenryll

»  Fireforge Games

»  Foundry, The

        Darkest Africa Miniatures

»  Frontier Miniatures

»  Gangfight! Game Studio

»  Geo-Hex


»  GHQ

»  Great Escape Games

»  Gripping Beast

        Saga Miniatures (28mm)

»  HawgLeg Publishing

»  Hudson & Allen Studios

        Medieval Miniatures

»  Iron Wind Metals

        Ral Partha Classics
        Tom Meier Classics

»  Micro Art Studio

»  Minifigs

        Mongol Conquests (15mm)
        Norman Conquests (25mm)

»  Miscellaneous Miniatures

        Loose Miniature Lots

»  Monday Knight Productions

        Banana Wars Range - Moros

»  Naismith Design

        Aztecs, Maya, Inca (25mm)

»  North Star Military Figures

»  Old Glory

        Cowboy of the Month (25mm)
        French & Indian Wars (25mm)

»  Osprey

»  Perry Miniatures


        Charlie Co. (20mm)
        Medieval 1400 Series (RAFM)

»  Ral Partha

        Historicals (Grey Cards)
        Hoplite (25mm)

»  Reaper Miniatures

        Chronoscope - Historical
        Chronoscope - Old West
        Chronoscope Bones (Plastic)
        P-65 - Science Fiction

»  Rif Raf Miniatures

»  Scotia Grendel Productions

»  Secret Weapon Miniatures

»  Stone Mountain Miniatures

        Flintlock - 18th Century
        Wild West, The

»  Stratagem Publications

»  Studio Miniatures

»  Tabletop Workshop

        Medieval Buildings (28mm)

»  Tale of War Miniatures

»  TSR

        Boot Hill
        Boot Hill - Miniatures
        Gangbusters - Miniatures

»  Victrix

»  Wargames Factory

»  Warlord Games

        Bolt Action - France (28mm)
        Bolt Action - German (28mm)
        Bolt Action - Japan (28mm)
        Bolt Action - Poland (28mm)
        Pike & Shotte (28mm)

»  West Wind Productions

        Arthurians - Irish (28mm)
        Arthurians - Pictish (28mm)
        Arthurians - Saxon (28mm)

»  Xyston Miniatures

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