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»  ACE Books

        ElfQuest (ACE Books)
        Fantasy Novels (ACE Books)
        Thieves' World (Ace Books)
        TimeWars Series
        Warlock Series, The

»  Agema Publications

        Adventures in Space

»  Airmont Publishing

»  Alfred A. Knopf

»  Angry Robot Books

»  Arbor Productions

»  Avon Books

        Fantasy Novels (Avon Books)
        Mystery Novels (Avon Books)
        Xanth Novels (Avon Books)

»  Award Books

»  Baen Books

        Honor Harrington Novels

»  Ballantine Books

»  Bantam Books

        Choose Your Own Adventure
        Dune Novels
        Star Games
        Star Wars Young Readers

»  Belmont Books

»  Belmont Tower Books

»  Berkley Books

        Freeway Warrior Game Books
        Marvel Comics Novels
        Real Life Gamebooks

»  Black Industries

»  Black Library

        Necromunda Novels

»  BlackWyrm Games

»  Bookspan

»  Boom Studios

»  Bridge Publications

        Mission Earth Novels

»  Broadway Books

»  Buccaneer Books

»  Carroll & Graf

»  Catalyst Game Labs

        Battletech Novels (FASA)
        Battletech Novels (WizKids)
        Shadowrun - Novels
        Star Challengers

»  Chaosium

        Horror Novels (Chaosium)

»  Christian Ahlin


»  Collier Books

»  ComicsOne

»  Commonwealth Publications

»  Crest Books

»  Crown Publishers

»  Curtis Books

»  Czech Board Games

»  Dark Horse Comics

        Aliens - Novels
        Dark Horse Comics Lots
        Star Wars Graphic Novels

»  Davis Publications

»  DAW

        Daedalus Missions
        Fantasy Novels (DAW)
        Hooded Swan Series
        Saga of Tarl Cabot, The

»  DC Comics

»  Del Rey Books

        Babylon 5 Novels
        Shannara Novels (Del Rey)
        Star Wars Novels (Del Rey)
        Starfist Novels

»  Delacorte Press

»  Dell Publishing

»  Doctor Who Books

        Doctor Who Books

»  Dorling-Kindersley

»  Doubleday & Company

»  Drunken Dragon Press

»  Dutton Publishing

        Novels (Dutton Publishing)

»  Elder Signs Press

»  EOS

        Novels (EOS)

»  Evil Hat Productions

        Spirit of the Century

»  Fandemonium Books

        Stargate Atlantis Novels
        Stargate SG-1 Novels

»  Fanpro

        Battletech Novels (FASA)
        Battletech Novels (WizKids)
        Perry Rhodan Novels

»  Fantasy Flight Games

        Android Novels
        Tannhauser Novels

»  Far Future Enterprises



        Battletech Novels (FASA)
        Battletech Novels (WizKids)
        Mechwarrior Novels (FASA)
        Renegade Legion
        Shadowrun Novels (FASA)
        Shadowrun Novels (WizKids)

»  Fawcett Columbine

        Novels (Fawcett Columbine)

»  Fawcett Crest

        Novels (Fawcett Crest)

»  Fedogan & Bremer

        Novels (Fedogan & Bremer)

»  Games Workshop

        Black Flame Publications
        Dark Future
        Judge Dredd - Novels
        Necromunda Novels

»  Gary Gygax and New Infinities

        Cyborg Commando

»  Gold Eagle

        Novels (Gold Eagle)

»  Gold Medal Books

        Novels (Gold Medal Books)

»  Golden Gryphon Press

»  Golden Press

»  Gollancz

»  Gorilla Games

        Battlestations Novels

»  Gramel Publishing

»  Green Ronin Publishing

»  Grosset & Dunlap

»  Guild of America Book Club

»  Harper & Row

»  Harper Prism

        Novels (Harper Prism)
        TV Tie-In Novels

»  HarperCollins

        Novels (Harper Prism)
        TV Tie-In Novels

»  Hawthorne Books

»  Heliograph

        Forgotten Futures
        Novels (Heliograph)

»  Henry Holt

        Novels (Henry Holt)

»  Hobby World (Russia)

        Board Games (Hobby World)

»  Holt, Rinehart, Winston

»  Houghton Mifflin

        Novels (Houghton Mifflin)

»  Hyperion

        Novels (Hyperion)

»  Ibooks

        Fantasy Novels (Ibooks)

»  Illuminated Way Press

»  Image Comics

»  Inner City Games Designs

»  Insight Studios Group

»  Jove Books

»  Knopf Publishing Group

»  Lancer Books

        Michael Kane Novels

»  Leisure Books

        Novels (Leisure Books)

»  Lock 'n Load Publishing

»  Lucas Books

»  MacFadden Books

»  Macmillan Publishing

»  Magpie Games

        We are Dust

»  Majestic Twelve Games

        Iron Stars

»  Manor Books

        Novels (Manor Books)

»  Margaret Weis Productions

»  Mariner Books

        Novels (Mariner Books)

»  Marvel Comics

        Marvel Comics - Value Packs

»  Master Publications

»  Megacon Games

        Mercs Board Games

»  Modern Library

»  Mongoose Publishing

»  Muehlberg Press

»  Nelson Doubleday

        Novels (Nelson Doubleday)

»  New American Library

»  Night Shade Books

        Novels (Night Shade Books)

»  Octopus/Heineman

        Novels & Historical Books

»  Orb Books

        Novels (Orb Books)

»  Orbit Books

»  Osprey

        Dark Osprey

»  Pageant Press

»  Paizo Publishing

        Planet Stories

»  Palladium

        Rifter, The - #051 - #100
        Rifts - Novels

»  Pan Books

        Novels (Pan Books)

»  Pantheon Books

»  Paperback Library

»  Penguin Publishing

        Novels (Penguin Publishing)

»  Permuted Press

»  Pinnacle Books

        Novels (Pinnacle Books)

»  Pireme Publishing

»  Pocket Books

        Doom Novels (Pocket Books)
        Novels (Pocket Books)

»  Pocket Star Books

        Novels (Pocket Star)

»  Popular Library

        Novels (Popular Library)

»  Prima Publishing

»  Primus Publishing

        Novels (Primus Publishing)

»  Prometheus Books

        Novels (Prometheus Books)

»  Puffin Books

        Fighting Fantasy Game Books

»  Putnam Publishing Group, The

»  Pyramid Books

»  Quiet Vision Publishing

        Edgar Rice Burroughs Novels

»  Quirk Books

»  R. Talsorian

        Cyberpunk (R. Talsorian)

»  Random House

        Novels (Random House)

»  Reaper Miniatures

        CAV - Core & Assorted

»  ROC

        Fantasy Novels (ROC)
        Shadowrun Novels (WizKids)
        Vampire Earth Novels

»  Roguelikefiction

        Boviniad, The

»  Running Press

»  Sabertooth Games

»  Scholastic

        Novels (Scholastic)
        Star Wars Missions

»  Science Fiction Book Club

»  Sidgwick & Jackson

»  Signet

        Fantasy Novels (Signet)
        Novels (Signet)
        Science Fiction (Signet)
        Star Trek Novels (Signet)
        Stephen King Novels

»  Simon & Schuster

»  Solaris Books

        Novels (Solaris Books)

»  Sphere Books

        Conan Novels (Sphere Books)

»  St. Martin's Press

        Novels (St. Martin's Press)

»  Sterling Publishing

»  Stone Skin Press

        Novels (Stone Skin Press)

»  Tachyon Publications

»  Target Books

»  Target Games

»  Thunder's Mouth Press

»  Titan Books

»  Tor Books

        Dune Novels (Tor Books)
        Fantasy Novels (Tor Books)
        Tor Kids
        Xanth Novels (Tor Books)

»  TSR

        Buck Rogers - Novels
        TSR Books (TSR)

»  Universal City Studios

»  Vertigo Comics

»  Viking Press

        Non-Ficition (Viking Press)

»  Vintage Books

        Novels (Vintage Books)

»  Wargaming.Co

        Business Reference Books

»  Warner Books

        Aspect Fantasy Novels
        Novels (Warner Books)

»  West End Games

        Shatterzone Novels
        Torg Novels

»  White Wolf

»  Wings Books

        Novels (Wings Books)

»  Wizards of the Coast

        Alternity Novels
        Eberron Novels
        Gamma World Novels (WOTC)

»  WizKids

        Battletech Novels (WizKids)
        Mechwarrior Dark Age Novels
        Shadowrun Novels (WizKids)

»  Worldwide Library

»  Young Readers Press

»  Zebra Books

        Novels (Zebra books)

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