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»  12 to Midnight

»  ACE Books

        Fantasy Novels (ACE Books)
        Horror Novels (ACE Books)

»  Alfred A. Knopf

        Novels (Alfred A. Knopf)

»  Arc Dream Publishing

»  Arkham House

»  Atlas Games

        Cthulhu Books

»  Atomic Overmind Press

»  Avon Books

        Fantasy Novels (Avon Books)
        Novels (Avon Books)

»  Baen Books

        Fantasy Novels (Baen Books)

»  Ballantine Books

»  Bantam Books

        Choose Your Own Adventure
        Novels (Bantam Books)

»  Barnes & Noble Books

»  Berkley Books

        Lone Wolf Adventure Books
        Novels (Berkley Books)

»  Black Library

        Novels (Ed Greenwood)

»  BlackWyrm Games

        Novels (BlackWyrm Games)

»  Broadway Books

        Novels (Broadway)

»  Carroll & Graf

        Novels (Carroll & Graf)

»  Chaosium

        Novels (Chaosium)

»  Cold Spring Press

»  CreateSpace

        Horror Novels (CreateSpace)

»  Creation Books

»  Crown Publishers

        Novels (Crown Publishers)

»  Dark Horse Books

        Damned Highway, The
        Novels (Dark Horse Books)

»  Darrel Schweitzer

        Arkham Alphabet Book, The

»  DAW

        Fantasy Novels (DAW)

»  DC Comics

        Graphic Novels - Elseworlds

»  Del Rey Books

        Star Wars Novels (Del Rey)

»  Dell Publishing

        Novels (Dell Publishing)

»  Devil's Due Publishing

        Chopper Zombie

»  Dorchester Publishing

»  Doubleday & Company

        Horror Novels (Doubleday)

»  Dover Publications

        Dover Thrift Editions

»  Dutton Publishing

        Novels (Dutton Publishing)

»  Elder Signs Press

»  Epic Comics

        Comics (Epic Comics)

»  Eschaton Media Productions

»  Evil Hat Productions

        Don't Rest Your Head

»  Fantasy Art Enterprises

»  Fantasy Flight Games

        Arkham Horror Novels

»  Fawcett Crest

        Novels (Fawcett Crest)

»  Flying Buffalo

        Dark Conspiracy Novels

»  Forge

        Novels (Forge)

»  Games Workshop

        Black Flame Publications
        Warhammer Historical

»  Gary Gygax and New Infinities

»  GDW

        Dark Conspiracy Novels

»  Gollancz

»  Grand Central Publishing

»  Great White Games

»  H.P. Lovecraft Historical Society, The

»  Harbor House

        Novels (Harbor House)

»  Harlequin Books

        Novels (Harlequin Books)

»  Harper Prism

        Novels (Harper Prism)

»  HarperCollins

        Novels (HarperCollins)

»  Henry Holt

        Novels (Henry Holt)

»  Hyperion Books

        Novels (Hyperion Books)

»  Innsmouth House

»  Ivy Books

        Horror Novels (Ivy Books)

»  Jove Books

        Horror Novels (Jove Books)

»  Leisure Books

        Novels (Leisure Books)

»  Little, Brown & Company

»  Llewellyn Worldwide


»  Lock 'n Load Publishing

»  Mayfair Games

        Chill (Mayfair Games)

»  Meisha Merlin Publishing

»  Mira Books

        Novels (Mira Books)

»  MirrorDanse Books

        Novels (MirrorDanse Books)

»  Miskatonic River Press

»  Monolith Graphics

        Gothic Art Books & Novels

»  Mythos Books

»  Nelson Doubleday

        Novels (Nelson Doubleday)

»  Night Shade Books

        Novels (Night Shade Books)

»  Pagan Publishing

»  Pageant Press

»  Penguin Publishing

        Novels (Penguin Publishing)

»  Permuted Press

»  Pinnacle

»  Pinnacle Books

        Novels (Pinnacle Books)

»  Pocket Books

        Novels (Pocket Books)

»  Popular Library

        Novels (Popular Library)

»  Prime Books

        Novels (Prime Books)

»  Putnam Publishing Group, The

»  Quality Paperback Book Club

        Book-of-the-Month Club

»  Random House

        Novels (Random House)

»  Raw Dog Screaming Press

»  ROC

        Fantasy Novels (ROC)
        Novels (ROC)

»  Science Fiction Book Club

»  Scribner Publishing

»  Signet

        Fantasy Novels (Signet)
        Stephen King Novels

»  Silver Scarab Press

»  Simon & Schuster

        Novels (Simon & Schuster)

»  St. Martin's Press

        Novels (St. Martin's Press)

»  Stone Skin Press

        Novels (Stone Skin Press)
        Shotguns v. Cthulhu

»  Studio Ironcat

        Anime Novels (English)

»  Terradan Works

»  Three Rivers Press

»  Thunder's Mouth Press

»  Timfire Publishing

»  Titan Books

        Supernatural Novels

»  Tor Books

        Cthulhu Novels (Tor Books)
        Fantasy Novels (Tor Books)
        Horror Novels (Tor Books)

»  Triad Entertainments

»  TSR

        Ravenloft - Novels
        TSR Books (TSR)

»  Uber Goober Games

»  UKG Publishing

        Year of the Zombie

»  Vertigo Comics

»  Viking Press

»  Warner Books

        Highlander Novels
        Novels (Warner Books)

»  West End Games

        Bloodshadows Novels

»  White Wolf

        Changeling - The Dreaming
        Demon - The Fallen - Novels
        Mummy - The Resurrection
        Time of Judgment
        Vampire - Victorian Age
        World of Darkness - Novels

»  Wildstorm

        Graphic Novels (Wildstorm)
        Wildstorm Comic Lots

»  William Morrow

        Novels (William Marrow)

»  Wings Books

        Novels (Wings Books)

»  Wizards of the Coast

        Ravenloft Novels (WOTC)

»  Word Publishing

»  Worldwide Library

»  Zebra Books

        Novels (Zebra books)

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