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Magazine - Historical - Click on manufacturer or product line to view available titles.

»  310 Publishing

        America in WWII Magazine

»  A.E. Morgan Publications

        Military Hobbies Magazine

»  AFV Association

        AFV News

»  AFV-G2

        AFV-G2 Magazine

»  American Heritage Publishing

        American Heritage Magazine

»  American Historical Publications

        Military History Quarterly

»  American Revolution Journal

        American Revolution Journal

»  Antique Power

»  Atlantis Rising, LLC

        Atlantis Rising Magazine

»  Baron Publishing Company

        Fusilier Magazine

»  Blue & Gray Enterprises

        Blue & Gray Magazine

»  Bruce Monnin

        Boardgamer Magazine, The

»  Cerigo Editions

»  Challenge Publications

        Sea Classics Magazine
        Soldier Magazine

»  Courier Publishing Company, The

»  Cowles History Group

        Aviation History Magazine
        Civil War Battles Magazine
        Civil War Times Illustrated
        Great Battles Magazine
        Wild West Magazine
        World War II Magazine

»  Decision Games

»  Dell Publishing

»  Emperor's Press

        Napoleon Magazine

»  Empire Press

        Age of Napoleon Magazine
        Vietnam Magazine

»  First Echelon Publications

        Pursue & Destroy Magazine

»  Flag Research Center

        Flag Bulletin

»  Games Research Design (GRD)

»  GHL

»  Gorget & Sash

        Gorget & Sash

»  Gwynn Oak Studios

        Pirates Magazine

»  Harnois

        Medieval History Magazine

»  Histoire & Collections

»  Historical Times

»  History Channel

        History Channel Magazine

»  History Today

        History Today Magazine

»  International Naval Research Organization

        Warship International

»  Karwansaray Publishers

        Ancient History Magazine
        Ancient Warfare Magazine
        Medieval Warfare

»  La Revue Napoleon

        La Revue Napoleon

»  Ludopress

»  Marshall Cavendish

»  McCoy Publishing Enterprises

»  Model & Allied Publications

        Military Modelling Magazine

»  Moorshead Magazines

        History Magazine

»  Napoleon

        Napoleon Journal

»  Nexus

»  Nitrinium Creations

»  Noble Knight Games - Gift Certificates & Specials

»  North & South

        North & South Magazine

»  Old Saltbox Publishing House

»  Old Toy Soldier Newsletter

        Old Toy Soldier Newsletter

»  Omega Games

        War Games (Omega Games)

»  On Military Matters

»  Osprey

        Osprey Military Journal

»  Primedia

        British Heritage Magazine
        Civil War Times

»  Publishing News

        Military Illustrated

»  Renaissance Magazine

        Renaissance Magazine #01-50

»  Smithsonian

        Smithsonian Magazine

»  Society for Creative Anachronism

        Tournaments Illuminated

»  Soldier of Fortune

        Soldier of Fortune Magazine

»  Southern Partisan Corporation, The

        Southern Partisan Magazine

»  Sovereign Media

        Military Heritage Magazine
        WWII History Magazine
        WWII Quarterly

»  Spartan International

»  Squadron/Signal Productions

        Squadron Magazine, The

»  Stratagem Publications

»  Three Patriots, LLC

»  Tiger Publications


»  Time-Life

        Time Magazine

»  US Naval Institute

        Naval History Magazine

»  Veterans of Foreign Wars

        VFW Magazine

»  Via Media

»  Victorian Military Society, The

        Soldiers of the Queen

»  Weider History Group

        American History Magazine

»  Wharncliffe Publishing Ltd

        Battlefields Review

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