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RPG - Universal - Click on manufacturer or product line to view available titles.

»  Aether Gaming Systems


»  Alephtar Games

        Revolution d100

»  Alpha Chronicles

        Alpha Chronicles

»  Angry Hamster Publishing


»  Anthropos Games


»  AntiPaladin Games

»  Arkenstone Publishing

        Solar System

»  Backstage Press


»  Battlefield Press

»  Blind Dog Games

        Excursion into the Bizarre


        Guns, Guns, Guns

»  Calico Games

        Short Order Heroes

»  Chaosium


»  Corvus Elrod


»  Critical Mass Studios


»  Crunchy Frog Enterprises

        Paradigm Shift

»  Cubicle Seven

»  Cumberland Games & Diversions

»  D101 Games

»  DAG Design

        Supergame (DAG Design)

»  Dog-Eared Designs

        Primetime Adventures

»  Dragonslayer Games


»  Dream Pod 9

        Silhouette Core

»  Engine Publishing

»  Evil Hat Productions

        Fate Core System



»  Fractal Dimensions

»  Gamescience (Lou Zocchi)

        T.W.E.R.P.S. (Gamescience)

»  Gareth Jones

»  Genesis of Legend

        Spark Roleplaying Game

»  Gold Rush Games

        Action! System Core

»  Gordon Landis


»  Graham Walmsley

        Play Unsafe

»  Gramel Publishing

»  Great White Games

»  Grey Ghost Press

        Fudge RPG & Dice

»  Guardians of Order

        Tri-Stat dX - Core System

»  Guild of Blades Publishing

»  Harsh Realities

        Sixcess Core

»  Heraldic Games

»  Hero Games

        Hero System (5th Edition)

»  Hex Games


»  Hubris Games

        Maelstrom Storytelling
        Story Engine

»  Image Game Company, The

        Book of Mars, The

»  Infinite Concepts

        Infinite Domains

»  Infinity Company, The


»  Issaries

        HeroQuest (2nd Edition)

»  Jim McGarva


»  John Wick Presents

»  Jonathan Jacobs

        Open Game Table

»  Less Than Three Games


»  M.S. Kinney

        World Action and Adventure

»  Magus Creative Games


»  Margaret Weis Productions

        Cortex System

»  Maverick Games Company


»  Mim Games

        Window, The

»  Monte Cook Games

        Cypher System

»  Morrigan Press

        Omni System, The

»  Mynstrel's Song Productions


»  Mystical Throne Entertainment

»  New Dimension Games

        Fantasia RPG

»  Nightshift Games

        Duel System, The

»  Noble Knight Games - Gift Certificates & Specials

»  Pagan Publishing

»  Palegain Press

»  Pangenre

        Pangenre RPG

»  ParaSpace

»  Pelgrane Press

        Hillfolk (DramaSystem)

»  Pinnacle

»  Point of Insanity Game Studio

        MADS Role Playing Game

»  Politically Incorrect Games/Precis Intermedia


»  Popcorn Press


»  Post World Games

»  R. Talsorian

        Dream Park

»  Ramshead Publishing


»  Reindeer Games

        T.W.E.R.P.S. (Gamescience)

»  Sand & Steam Productions

»  Sane Studios


»  Scorpion's Nest Tactical Gaming

        Terminus V

»  Signal 13 Productions

        Other Worlds

»  Silvervine Games

        Silvervine Game System

»  StarLance Publications

»  Steve Jackson Games

»  Studio 2 Publishing

        OneDice Universal

»  Tai-Gear Simulations

        Eternal Soldier

»  Technomancer Press

»  Tesarta Industries


»  TSR

        Amazing Engine

»  Unigames

        Pocket Universe

»  Vagrant Workshop

»  Valdron

        Multiverser - The Game

»  Void Star Studios

        Strands of Fate

»  Web Games

        Webs Basic Gaming System

»  West End Games

        D6 System - Core
        Masterbook Core

»  Word Mill Games

        Mythic Role Playing

»  Worldmaster Designs

        Adventure Maximum

»  Yaruki Zero Games

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