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RPG - Horror - Click on manufacturer or product line to view available titles.

»  12 to Midnight

»  7th Circle

        Kult (7th Circle)

»  Abstract Nova

        Exquisite Replicas

»  Adept Press

        Sorcerer (Adept Press)

»  Aegis Studios

        Contagion (d20)

»  Agate Editions

        Shadows of Esteren

»  Albert Rakowski

        Towers of Krshal

»  Anansi Games

        Terror Thirteen

»  Apex Publications

        Shattered Dreams

»  Apophis Consortium

        Shadow Nations

»  Arc Dream Publishing

»  Archon Gaming

»  Arion Games


»  Arkenstone Publishing

        Zombie Cinema

»  Atlas Games

        Unknown Armies

»  Atomic Hyrax Games


»  Atomic Overmind Press


»  Battlefield Press

»  Bedrock Games

»  Better Mousetrap Games

»  Black Armada


»  Bob Goat Press

        Conspiracy of Shadows

»  Boldly Games

        Grim World

»  Box Ninja

        Hell 4 Leather

»  Broken Doll Studios

        Cycle of Existence

»  Bully Pulpit Games

        Shab-Al-Hiri Roach, The

»  Buried Without Ceremony

»  By Night Studios

»  Caelestis Designs

»  Carnivore Games

        Now Playing

»  Catalyst Game Labs

        Cthulhutech (Wildfire LLC)

»  Cell Entertainment


»  Chameleon Eclectic


»  Chaos Society, The

»  Chaosium

        RPG Supplements (Chaosium)

»  Chronicle City Games

»  Clint Krause

»  Clockworks


»  Contested Ground Studios

        Cold City
        Hot War

»  Corone Design

        Dance of the Damned
        Pie Shop

»  Council of Fools Productions

»  Crafty Games

»  Creative Illusions

        Seventh Seal, The

»  Crucible Design

»  Crucifiction Games

        Horror Rules

»  Crunchy Frog Enterprises

        Vampire Hunters

»  Cubicle Seven

        Card Games (Cubicle Seven)
        Demolished Ones, The (Fate)

»  Cumberland Games & Diversions

»  Cutters Guild


»  Daring Entertainment

        War of the Dead

»  David J. Rodger

»  Dead Gentlemen Productions

»  Death's Edge Games

»  Deep7

        1PG Series

»  Diceless Hero Games

»  Different Worlds

        Valus & Kalibruhn (d20)

»  DireNinja Media


»  Dork Storm Press

»  DVD Movies

        DVD Movies - Gaming Related

»  Dynasty Presentations

»  Eden Studios

        All Flesh Must Be Eaten
        Armageddon (Eden Studios)
        Buffy the Vampire Slayer
        Ghosts of Albion
        WitchCraft (Eden Studios)

»  Edge of Midnight Press

        Edge of Midnight, The

»  Elder Signs Press

»  End Transmission Games


»  Engine Publishing

»  EOS Press

        Lesser Shade of Evil

»  Errant Knight Games

»  Event Horizon Productions

»  Evil Hat Productions

        Don't Rest Your Head

»  Fantasy Flight Games

»  Far Future Enterprises

        Traveller Reprints

»  Fire Ruby Designs


»  Flying Mice

        Blood Games

»  Free RPG Day

        Free RPG Day 2015
        Free RPG Day 2016
        Free RPG Day 2017

»  Fun Sized Games

»  Galileo Games

»  Gamescience (Lou Zocchi)

        T.W.E.R.P.S. (Gamescience)

»  GDW

        Dark Conspiracy (GDW)

»  Glacier Peak Games


»  Global Games


»  Glyph Press

        Under the Bed (Glyph Press)

»  Goblinoid Games

»  Godsfall, The

        Godsfall RPG

»  Golden Goblin Press

»  Goodman Games

        Age of Cthulhu

»  Great White Games

        Rippers - The Horror Wars

»  Green Fairy Games


»  Green Ronin Publishing

»  Grenadier

»  Greymalkin Designs

        Broken Rooms

»  Growling Door Games

        Chill (Growling Door Games)
        Chill (Mayfair Games)

»  Guardians of Order

»  Guildhall Press, The

        Scared Stiff

»  Hallow's Eve Design

»  Hamster Press

»  Happy Bishop Games

        Outlive the Dead

»  Hero Games

        Hero System (5th Edition)

»  Hex Games


»  Hogshead Publishing

»  Hunters Books and Apparel

        Outbreak - Undead

»  I.C.E. (Iron Crown Enterprises)

»  Ianus Games

        Cyberpunk (Ianus Games)

»  Imaginary Empire


»  Impossible Dream, The


»  Inner City Games Designs

        Fuzzy Heroes

»  Insomnium Games


»  Jack Shear

        Planet Mother****er

»  James Terbrack


»  John Wick Presents

»  Journeyman Press

        Age of Empires II CCG

»  Just Crunch Games

        Cthulhu Hack

»  Kenneth Hite

        Cthulhu RPGs (Kenneth Hite)

»  KEY20 Publishing

        Little Fears (KEY20)

»  Kobold Press

        Pathfinder (Kobold Press)

»  Lamentations of the Flame Princess

»  Land of Phantoms

»  Lock 'n Load Publishing

»  Lone Wolf Development

        Hero Lab

»  Louis Porter, Jr. Design

»  Lumpley Games

        Kill Puppies for Satan

»  Machine Age Productions

        Maschine Zeit

»  Magpie Games

»  Margaret Weis Productions


»  Massconfusion

»  Mayfair Games

        Chill (Growling Door Games)
        Chill (Mayfair Games)

»  Mega Miniatures

        All Things Zombie

»  Melior Via


»  Melsonian Arts Council

»  Memento Mori Theatricks

»  Metropolis

        Kult (Metropolis)

»  Mind Ventures

»  Mob United Media

»  Modiphius Entertainment

        Achtung! Cthulhu
        Dust Adventures

»  Mongoose Publishing

        Cthulhutech (Wildfire LLC)
        Flaming Cobra

»  Morrigan Press

»  Mutha Oith Creations

        Mutha Oith (Savage Worlds)

»  Myrmidon Press

        Armageddon (Myrmidon Press)
        WitchCraft (Myrmidon Press)

»  NDP Design


»  Neoplastic Press

        Dread (Neoplastic Press)

»  New Dimension Games

        Fantasia RPG

»  Night Sky Games

        Murderous Ghosts

»  Nightfall Games

»  Nightshift Games

        Vampire Hunters

»  Noble Knight Games - Gift Certificates & Specials

        Noble Knight Games

»  North Wind Adventures

»  Onyx Path Publishing

        Beast - The Primordial
        Demon - The Descent
        Mummy - The Curse

»  Open Design Project

        Pathfinder (Kobold Press)

»  OtherWorld Creations

»  Outland Arts

        Mutant Epoch, The

»  Outpost Games

        Bureau 13 (Outpost Games)

»  Pacesetter

        Chill (Growling Door Games)
        Chill (Mayfair Games)
        Chill (Pacesetter)

»  Pagan Publishing

»  Palladium

        Beyond the Supernatural

»  Paradigm Concepts

»  Pariah Press

        Whispering Vault

»  Pelgrane Press

        Esoterrorists, The
        Gumshoe RPG's
        Trail of Cthulhu

»  Penniless Canadian Stereotypes

        Nightfall 2011

»  Phillip McGregor

»  Pinnacle

        Deadlands Noir
        Deadlands Reloaded
        Hell on Earth
        Lankhmar (Pinnacle)
        Weird Wars (Savage Worlds)

»  Play Attention Games

        Curse the Darkness

»  Politically Incorrect Games/Precis Intermedia

        Ghost Stories

»  Postmortem Studios

»  Prince of Darkness Games

        Piledrivers & Powerbombs

»  Principia Malefex

»  Protagonist Games

        Home by Dark

»  Purple Duck Games


»  Quantum Black Games

        Quantum Black

»  Quintessential Mercy Studio

        Rapture - The Second Coming

»  Rapport Games

        Attack of the Humans

»  Reality Blurs


»  Red Moon Medicine Show

»  Reindeer Games

        T.W.E.R.P.S. (Gamescience)

»  Rite Publishing

        Demolished Ones, The (Fate)

»  Rogue Games

        Colonial Gothic

»  Rogue Publishing

        Fudge System

»  Ronin Arts

        Vs. System

»  RPG Objects

        Abandon All Hope

»  Sage Lore Productions

        Lost Souls

»  Savage Afterworld, The

»  Scapegoat Games

        The End

»  Schwalb Entertainment

        Shadow of the Demon Lord

»  Scrying Eye Games

        Welcome to Moriston, USA!

»  Silver Branch Games

        Arsenal of Heaven, The

»  Siroz Productions

»  Skirmisher Publishing

        Cthulhu Live (3rd Edition)

»  Solace Games

»  Solipsist RPG's


»  Spectrum Games

»  Stardust Publications

        Dark Aeons

»  StatCom Simulations

        Witch Hunt

»  Steampower Publishing

        Dead of Night

»  Stellar Games


»  Steve Hatherley

»  Steve Jackson Games

        In Nomine

»  Studio 2 Publishing

»  Synister Creative Systems

        Last Exodus, The

»  Tabletop Adventures

»  Tale Spinner Studios

        DreamSide Wake Up...

»  Tao Games

»  Third Eye Games

        Apocalypse Prevention, Inc.

»  Tiny Battle

        War Games (Tiny Battle)

»  Torriani Games

»  Total Party Kill Games

»  Tremorworks

»  Tri-Tac Games

        Bureau 13 (Outpost Games)

»  Triad Entertainments

»  Triple Ace Games

        Leagues of Adventure

»  Troll Lord Games

        Tainted Lands

»  TSR

        Ravenloft (TSR)
        Terror T.R.A.X.

»  Two Hour Wargames

»  Tyranny Games

        The End (Tyranny Games)

»  Underground Games

»  Universal Horizons

        Universal Horizons RPG

»  Vagrant Workshop

»  Vajra Enterprises

        Fates Worse Than Death
        Hoodoo Blues
        In Dark Alleys

»  Vampjac Productions

»  Visionary Entertainment Studio

        Everlasting, The

»  Web Games

        Webs Basic Gaming System

»  West End Games

        D6 System - Core
        Tales from the Crypt RPG
        World of Species, The

»  White Wolf

        Changeling - The Lost
        Dark Ages - Inquisitor
        Dark Ages - Mage
        Dark Ages - Vampire
        Dark Ages - Werewolf
        Demon - The Descent
        Demon - The Fallen
        Geist - The Sin-Eaters
        Hunter - The Reckoning
        Hunter - The Vigil
        Mummy - The Curse
        Mummy - The Resurrection
        Promethean - The Created
        Time of Judgment
        Trinity - Battleground
        Vampire - The Dark Ages
        Vampire - Victorian Age
        Werewolf - The Forsaken
        Werewolf - The Wild West
        White Wolf RPG Lots
        World of Darkness

»  Wicked Dead Brewing Company

»  Wildfire LLC

        Cthulhutech (Wildfire LLC)

»  Windmill Game Co.

        Dread - Tales of Terror

»  Wizards of the Coast

        Alternity (WOTC)
        SLA Industries (WOTC)

»  Wyrd Miniatures

        Malifaux - Core & Assorted
        Through the Breach

»  Z-Man Games

        Cartoon Action Hour

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