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100 Street Vendors of the City State
Category: Role Playing Games
Genre: RPG - Fantasy
Product Line: Wilderlands of High Adventure (Adventure Games Publishing)
Publish Date: 2010
Pages: 64
Dimensions: 6x9x.25"
Restockable: No
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This 64-page booklet is the first expansion for the City State of the Invincible Overlord since the release of the Wraith Overlord: Terror Beneath the City State adventure in 1981. It includes 100 street vendors selling everything from rat-on-a-stick and pastries to used weapons and second-hand slaves. Each description includes the stats for the vendor, NPC details, description of the vendor's wagon or cart, price list of goods and services, cash box contents, NPC disposition, and one or more rumors.

Here is the complete list of vendors:

Advertiser, Animal Trainer, Apothecary, Armor-by-the-Piece, Armor-Repair-While-You-Wait, Artist, Astrologer, Barber, Barber, Baskets, Bone carvings, Bookseller, Candles & Torches, Unholy Candles, Carpets, Charcoal & Firewood, Clothing (Boots & Bits), Clothing (Cloaks & Tunics), Clothing (Belts & Baldrics), Clothing (Exotic), Clothing (Furs), Clothing (Gloves), Clothing (Hats), Clothing (Hose & Pantaloons), Clothing (Masks), Clothing (Pants & Trews), Clothing (Shoes), Dancer, Dentist, Drink (Ale), Drink (Ale), Drink (Beer), Drink (Beer), Drink (Wine), Flowers, Food (Bread & Pastries), Food (Dried Meats), Food (Fresh Fish), Food (Fresh Fish), Food (Fresh Meats), Food (Fresh Meats), Food (Fresh Vegetables & Grains), Food (Fresh Vegetables & Preserves), Food (Hot Tamales), Food (Iced Treats), Food (Khalav Khalash), Food (Live Animals), Food (Pastries), Food (Pastries), Food (Trail Rations), Fortune Teller, Gambler, Gambler, Used Glassware, Dearthwood Guide, Harlots, Healer, Herbalist, Insect Trainer, Interpreter, Costume Jewelry, Quality Jewelry, Laborers, Lamps, Locksmith, Massages, Messengers, Moneychangers, Moneychanger, Musical Instruments, Oil, Peddler, Perfumes & Soaps, Pipeweed & Diversions, Pipeweed & Diversions, Pipeweed & Diversions, Poet, Potions Salves & Nostrums, Rags, Rope & Twine, Rugs & Tapestries, Sage, Scribe, Scribe, Slaves for Rent, Slaves for Sale, Spices, Magical Stones, Street Preacher of Loki, Street Preacher of Mycr, Tailor: Clothing-Repaired-While-You-Wait, Tattoo Artist, Tinker, Imported Tools, Torches, Clockwork Toys, Imported Weapons, Second-Hand & Surplus Weapons, Wigs, and Wood Carvings

Also includes a complete index of vendors by usual streets, markets, and city quarters locations, random vendor tables by market and district, and guidelines for haggling with vendors and for transforming street vendors into full-fledged establishments in the City State.

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fantastic and weird NPCs

Monday, February 15, 2010
Reviewer: Geoffrey McKinney from Pueblo, CO USA

Review: 100 Street Vendors of the City State
by James Mishler
published in 2010 by Adventure Games Publishing

Physical Specifics:

1. 66-pages
2. Most pages have 2 columns of average-sized 12-point? font which is nice and readable .
3. excellent proofreading/editing
4. There is no art except for the map, for which I am glad. I’m not interested in illustrations of NPCs standing around.

This is a Castles & Crusades product. As such, it can also be easily used with any of the following:

any pre-4th edition version of D&D or AD&D
Hackmaster 4th edition
Basic Fantasy Role-Playing Game
Labyrinth Lord
Spellcraft & Swordplay
Swords & Wizardry

The author James Mishler has published several C&C products for the world of the Wilderlands of High Adventure, with permission from Judges Guild. Like many of the author’s other products, this one will be most valuable to those who already own Wilderlands material whether the old stuff from the 1970s, or the more recent d20 stuff. That said, this product still has much of value to those who are not familiar with the Wilderlands.

[i]100 Street Vendors of the City State[/i] is primarily devoted to describing the one hundred NPCs in the product’s title. Such descriptions fill 54 of the product’s 66 pages. Here’s the page break-down:

pages 1-2: title pages
page 3: how to use this product, with rules for haggling
pages 4-57: details on 100 NPC street vendors
page 58: coinage of the City State
pages 59-63: encounter tables for vendors
page 64: black and white map of the continent of Rhadamanthia of which the Wilderlands form the central part
page 65: OGL
page 66: AGP product list

Overall, the NPCs in this book are interesting, colorful, and inventive. As befits the Wilderlands, these street vendors are not staid. In addition to the common humans, dwarves, elves, and halflings, there are a type I demon, an ogre, a godling, a two-headed troll, and even a normal 0-level human! You see, in the Wilderlands it’s not unusual for humans to have purple skin, or green skin, or scales, or to be transparent, etc. It’s also the case that many or even most humans have a class and levels. Those townsfolk going about their business probably aren’t a bunch of 0-level types. The boy shining shoes is probably a 2nd-level thief. The woman cleaning windows is probably a 4th-level assassin. The barber is probably a 5th-level illusionist. Etc.

The 100 street vendors herein are of the following standard C&C classes and they tend to be of lower levels, with a lot of levels 1st through 5th:

17 fighters
4 rangers
21 rogues This high number of rogues indicates the similarities of the City State and Lankhmar.
2 assassins
4 barbarians
3 monks
11 wizards
4 illusionists
10 clerics
1 druid
0 knights
0 paladins Too corrupt a place for any paladins, perhaps?
6 bards

In addition, there are the following classes:

2 pychics
3 witches
1 alchemist/wizard
1 sage/wizard
2 sages
1 Mycretian/sage

These character classes are not detailed herein. The referee will have to use the descriptions found in other products such as Necromancer Games’s [i]Player’s Guide to the Wilderlands[/i] and [i]City State of the Invincible Overlord[/i], or make up his own rules for them.

An example of one of the 100 vendors will go far in letting my readers see just what is in this product. Here’s one of the shorter entries:

[b]12. BOOKSELLER: GLIMFLASHY GROPLAG[/b] [i]NE male Gnole 3rd level Illusionist; SL Merchant 4; HD 3d4-3, HP 8; AC 11 Dex; Attacks: Dagger +1/+2 BtH, 1d4 damage; Abilities: Darkvision 30’, Haggle Cha, Literature Int, Disguise Charisma, Sharp Senses +1, Spells; Spells: influence, message, mending, prestidigitation, charm person, daze, read magic, detect magic, eyes of fire; Languages: Gnoll Lyoophiath dialect, Alryan, Common Viridian, Elvish, Orichalan; Str 12, Dex 15*, Con 8, Int 18*, Wis 12, Cha 15*; carries 2d6 cp, 2d6 sp, and 1d4 gp, and has a 34% chance of carrying 1d4 gems worth 5 to 50 gp each; he also wields a wand of major image with 47 charges[/i] This gnole a race of mixed elvish, gnoll, and human lineage looks like a tall, ugly human with vaguely bestial features, including claw-like hands, sharp teeth, black tongue and lips, and feral eyes; his hair is fur-like, sandy colored with streaks of black, while his skin is a sickly sallow green. He wears fine silk clothing cut in Viridian styles, including a large green turban with a fine green opal 50 gp. He is usually found in the Noble Quarter, either in the Royal Market or in the Plaza of Profuse Pleasures. His wagon, drawn by two geldings enchanted to a lime green color, is also green and built from fine woods from the West. It is lined on all inside walls with shelves of books of all kinds and subjects. An exile from the Falling Empire, he seeks the wealth and connections to rise in social status in the City State. He is no friend of the Green Emperor, and happily tells all he knows about the City of Spices for a price. [b]Prices[/b]: at any time he has 100 to 300 books, in various states and on various subjects, ranging in price from 20 to 800 gp; his collections focus on history and magic, and there is a 36% chance he has a book on any specific subject in those areas; otherwise there is an 9% chance he has a book on any other area. [b]Cash Box[/b] contains 5d10 cp, 5d10 sp, 10d10 x 1d6 gp, and 1d4 gems worth 50 to 250 gp each; it is trapped with a poisoned needle with strong Type II poison -2 penalty to saving throw. [b]Disposition[/b]: 1 Angry, 2 Disturbed, 3 Unpleasant, 4 Greedy, 5 Grumpy, or 6 Wistful. Rumor: Fakir Mukang, the wizard who lives in the Pleasure Dome on Beggar’s Street, seeks a cleric to exorcize a demon that haunts his dreams.

A few explanatory notes on the above:

1. “SL” indicates “Social Level”, which is detailed in other Wilderlands products.

2. Many of the vendors have abilities that go beyond their standard class abilities. These additional abilities should be considered class-skills, earning the level-based bonus to the attribute check.

3. The asterisks by three of the six ability scores indicate that those scores are primes.

4. I love the lists of dispositions. When a given vendor is encountered, the referee can roll 1d6 to see what disposition the vendor is in at the time.

5. The rumors after each entry are very handy adventure hooks.

6. The price lists are a boon to the harried referee. The price list above is rather short. Here’s a more interesting list of only some of the merchandise of one of the pipeweed vendors:

Atwain 88% in stock Atwain Snuk Smokeweed 5 sp/5# keg, Atwain Bro-Chak Smokeweed 25 sp/5# keg; Bulwark 77% in stock, prices are for 1# tins/5# kegs Bulwark Shag 2 sp/1 gp, Bulwark Average 6 sp/3 gp, Bulwark Good 12 sp/6 gp, Bulwark Blue 4 gp/20 gp, Bulwark Royal Blue 20 gp/100 gp; Bulwarkshire Cheese 2 gp/5# wheel, Bulwarkshire Blue Cheese 10 gp/5# wheel, Bulwarkshire Royal Blue Cheese 50 gp/5# wheel; Darkfield 99% in stock Darkfield Tabac 5 sp/25 sp, Darkfield Premium Tabac exclusive! 3 gp/15 gp; Pipeweed incense 99% in stock, price is per stick or cone Cheap Leavings 1 gp, Sweet Dreams 2 gp, Mellow Days 3 gp, Excellent Thoughts 4 gp, Primo Gold 5 gp, Braz-Kazen’s Best 10 gp 10% chance of communing with the god himself, as per the spell; Mermist 44% in stock Mermist Emerald Leaf 1 gp/5 gp, Mermist Scarlet Pipeweed 5 gp/25 gp steeped in the poison of the scarlet toad, CL 2 Wis save or suffer waking nightmares for 1d3 days; Tlanic 11% in stock, rare and hard to get of late Tlanic Jaguar Tabac 40 gp/1# jar, Tlanic Noble Tabac 100 gp/1# jar, Tlanic Royal Tabac 200 gp/1# jar; 1d20 each of in-stock cigars Tlanic Jaguar Cigar 10 gp, Tlanic Noble Cigar 25 gp, Tlanic Royal Cigar 50 gp; Viridian 66% in stock Viridian Yellow 1 gp/5 gp, Viridian Blue 5 gp/25 gp, Viridian Green 20 gp/100 gp, Viridian Imperial Reserve 100 gp/500 gp 11% in stock; Xochete 44% in stock Xochete Copper 1 gp/1# jar, Xochete Silver 5 gp/1# jar, Xochete Gold 50 gp/1# jar, Xochete Platinum 500 gp/1# jar; 1d30 each of in-stock cigars Xochete Copper Cigar 5 sp, Xochete Silver Cigar 1 gp, Xochete Electrum Cigar 5 gp, Xochete Gold Cigar 15 gp, Xochete Jade Cigar 75 gp

Little jokes, name-dropping, and historical references are peppered throughout the text. You will find at least mentioned and sometimes described personages such as Conn son of Conan, Boromir, Abdal Alhazred, and even the comical adventuring group from Jake Jaquet’s story, “The Search for the Forbidden Chamber”, published way back in the first two issues of [i]The Dragon[/i] magazine.

The page on coinage gives the referee good ideas for how to relieve overly-rich PCs of some of their coin through rapacious coin-changing and unfair laws.

The pages of encounter tables for vendors are thorough. Listed are the major streets of the City State, and under each street are listed all of the vendors that might be encountered on that street. Also supplied are random tables to determine what vendor you might meet in any given place.

Finally, the continental map of Rhadamanthia doesn’t have much direct relevancy to this product, but I am very happy to have it all the same. It is an attractive work all on its own.

By this point you should know if [i]100 Street Vendors of the City State is for you[/i]. If you like Glimflashy Groplag above, then you should like this product. I myself am very happy to own it.

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100 Street Vendors of the City State
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