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Age of Conan - The Strategy Board Game
Category: Popular Board Games, Board & War Games
Genre: Board Game - Strategy
Product Line: Board Games - Fantasy (Fantasy Flight Games), Board Games (Ares Games)
Publish Date: 2009
Restockable: No
Condition: SW (MINT/New)     » Other conditions available
NKG part # Mfg. part # Type Condition
2148327996 FFGAC01 Boxed Game SW (MINT/New)

This is an age of strife and sorcery. An age of might, splendor, and decadence. In this age, powerful kingdoms fight for supremacy in the Hyborian world. Using armies, magic, and intrigue, these nations strive to expand their borders and increase their riches. Command the legions of imperial Aquilonia, the witches and monstrous creatures of frozen Hyperborea, the sorcerers and demonic servants of dusky Stygia, or the horse-hordes and cunning diplomats of the plains kingdom of Turan. Into this age of empire building, heroic achievements, and vile misdeeds steps Conan the Cimmerian black-haired, sullen-eyed, sword in hand, a thief, a reaver, a slayer, with gigantic melancholies and gigantic mirth, to tread the jeweled thrones of the earth under his sandaled feet.

Age of Conan is a board game that puts players in control of one of the major kingdoms of the Hyborian age, a period of history well known through the tales of Conan the Cimmerian, the barbarian hero created by Robert E. Howard. Players fight with armies, sorcery, and intrigues to make their kingdom the most powerful of the age, and to secure for their side the mightiest hero of all Conan the Cimmerian!

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Criom! What A Game!

Thursday, March 3, 2011
Reviewer: gamegod067 from Pittsburgh PA

Review: What an excellent game! Plays as beautiful as it looks, and it is a beautiful looking game; 146 plastic minis 12 different sculpts including a great Conan figure, full color cards and counters, and a great mapboard of the Hyborian Age. For 2-4 players, the more the merrier, each takes command of one nation - noble Aquilonia, mysterious Tulan, dark Hyperborea, or corrupt Stygia. You are trying to score Empire Points and build up your nation across three successive Ages 12 Conan Adventures. Special d6 are used for battle and intrigue diplomacy; the dice show Hits, Misses, Shields, and Axes. You need to roll more successes Hits and other symbols depending on what strategy cards you play than your opponent in any challenge. The two absolutely great concepts of the game are its game turn sequence and the remarkably deep strategy it engenders. At the start of each turn, one player rolls seven Fate Dice marked with symbols for Military, Intrigue, Conan & Court, Military / Intrigue, and Wild. Then the first player chooses any one die and takes that action; afterwards the second player chooses a die and takes that action, and so on. So if you want to send your armies smashing through your enemies, better hope they leave you a Military or Wild can be used for any action die. If you run out of dice, just re-roll all seven again and continue playing. The game turn continues until Conan completes his current adventure; there are 27 total adventures, each requiring Conan to be moved into a specific kingdom of the board using the Court & Conan action. After Conan has four adventures, randomly chosen by card draw, the current Age ands; players regain cards, can spend gold, build armies, and generally retrench for the next Age. After twelve Conan adventures / three Ages it`s time to determine the winner, but even a low score can win by taking the chance to crown Conan as king; be warned, the penalty for failure is high as Conan ravages your kingdom in a bad mood if you try to crown him and fail! Add in objective cards that change with each Age - Naval Power for example rewards the kingdom with the most coastal territories at the end of an Age - and you really have a game of incredible depth, you always have to think two or three moves ahead of your opponents, sometimes taking an action just to deprive your enemy of using that Fate die! A fantastic game. Not suitable for solo play; two can play, best with 3 or 4 players.

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Age of Conan - The Strategy Board Game
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